Parts Plus

Parts Plus provides independent auto parts distributors with the best pricing available from reputable suppliers to stay competitive in the ever-changing automotive aftermarket. Our quality benefits and individualized services are unparalleled by any other automotive buying group.

Member Roster

  • Product Strategy
  • Improved Purchasing
  • Direct Access to Top Suppliers
  • National Account/Fleet Opportunities
  • Retain and Increase Customers
  • Business Services
  • Technology Solutions
  • Promotions and Advertising
  • Nationwide Warranty
  • A-Z A La Carte Suite of Business Tools
  • Parts Plus Car Care Center Program
  • Monthly Rebate Checks
  • Network Product Warehouse
  • Individualized Support and Training
Parts Plus Brochure

Program Brochure

Download The Network brochure. Learn how Parts Plus members stay competitive in the automotive market while maintaining their independence.

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Find out how we reduce the cost of doing business by leveraging technology to automate & centralize services.

National Accounts

The National Accounts department encompasses a dedicated sales staff that assists Warehouse Distributors with their eCommerce efforts, central billing (guaranteed pricing and detailed reporting) and inventory management.

For more than 35 years, Automotive Distribution Network has provided consistent coverage to national account customers nationwide. Currently, we service more than 12,000 national account locations where we provide hot-shot and scheduled deliveries, special orders for hard-to-find parts, and foreign and domestic parts-all while being highly competitive.

By providing more than 200 product lines and 2.5 million SKUs, Automotive Distribution Network can service light, medium and heavy-duty markets.

Through our Central Billing Portal, members can service customers they may not otherwise be able to reach, which provides a larger delivery footprint, faster deliveries, better service and more rebates to members.